Friday, March 11, 2016

Web Hosting Options

As you may know by now, our current web host and mailing list management provider, Rootsweb, experienced hardware issues in March, 2016. We were unable to email notices of our March meeting to our members, and could not gain access to our web site in order to update its content.

If we want to have reliable web hosting with more features, we may wish to consider using a paid hosting service. I currently use Sectorlink ( and am satisfied with their service and the features they offer. The plan I would recommend, and which I use, costs $5.95 USD per month. In addition to this cost, we would also be required to register a domain name. Further, we would also be required to pay a small domain name renewal fee each year. The costs are not high, but our group is small.

(If we wish to host with a Canadian company, I would recommend using the services of

My preference would be to use the free facilities offered by Facebook. I've already set up a closed group on Facebook (it's currently inactive); the group's contents are accessible only by request. My understanding is that some folks are concerned about privacy issues, since they would be required to set up an account on Facebook. Here's an article that may give you some idea as to how thoroughly you can protect your privacy on Facebook:

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions about our current situation? Other options include using either Yahoo or Google groups, but I have yet to determine whether one must have a Yahoo or Google email account to participate, or view the respective content.

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